Boosting Home Value For Resale

There comes a time in a homeowner’s life when he would have to part with one of his greatest investments-his home, and reap the benefits of all the years of love and care. With the real estate industry in an all time down with the general economy sharing the condition, it pays to carefully weigh your options to boost home value before parting with your hard-earned money. To get the best price for your New York home, here are some of the best ways to boost home value for resale, ideal whether you are on Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island or Queens.

Minor and Cost-Effective

Home improvements can definitely help in boosting home value for resale, but keep in mind that not all of them do. The first and smartest tip to take would be to not undertake something major. Yes the kitchen and bathroom are selling points that you should put enough attention on, but a major, all-out renovation would less likely get you your money back. If you are only taking on projects for the sole purpose of selling, there are lots of choices to consider without breaking the bank, forcing you to apply for loans or jacking up property tax bill. Some of these include cleaning the house thoroughly, keeping things tidy and organized, repainting the walls, replacing old lighting fixtures, refinishing hardwood floors and refacing cabinets.

Beautiful as Well as Functional

No matter how physically appealing and well-designed the whole house is, not looking into functionality would surely take its toll and turn off potential buyers. Imagine them going through the bathroom, nodding their heads and smiling their appreciation, then they try the faucets and they are jammed. Before setting the house to be staged, go through the whole property and check on every detail that needs repairing. Make sure that electrical wires and plumbing pipes are located in the right places and are working as they should. Tend to cracks, leaks, damages, condensations and other maintenance issues as needed.

Green Remodeling and Home Improvements

Energy efficiency has now become one of the requirements that many potential buyers look for when searching for a home. Not only will your green remodeling and home improvement efforts bring in maximized comfort and quality of indoor living but also cuts back on future energy bills. This makes going green ideal to increase home value. And it would also be great to know that the US government is willing to grant tax federal incentives to homeowners who undertake such projects.

Great First Impressions and Curb Appeal

You should put in as much effort in achieving curb appeal as sprucing up the interior. The thing about first impressions is, when you have created a bad one, the negative feeling is taken by the buyer inside the house making him see less of the efforts. Thus, curb appeal can greatly affect home value at resale. Make the entire property look superbly cared for by having trees and shrubs trimmed, the lawn mowed, and driveways and pathways free from cracks. Landscaping is also one huge contributor to curb appeal. Have some flowers in bloom planted and laid out beautifully.