Inexpensive Ways To Boost Property Values: Tips From The Pros

Staging a home to make it more attractive to potential buyers is often perceived by sellers as an expensive exercise. However, this is not really true, since there are many things you can do to boost property values without going through major renovations. If you need a few tips on making your house much more appealing but you don’t have the budget for major modifications, check out the list below:

Enhance your house’s curb appeal. Your elders may have warned you not to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of real estate, it’s actually more apt to make first impressions that really last. You may reason that your house has the most amazing kitchen, bathrooms and living room, but no one will care about seeing those if crossing your front lawn feels like a misadventure in Wonderland. So trim your lawn, dig up those dead or dying bushes, and get rid of piles of leaves and any rotting trees in your garden. Place potted flowering plants where they can best be seen or maybe even add a few lights for passers-by at night. And don’t just stop with the garden: paint the walls, install lights on the porch, and repair or replace broken windows.

Apply new paint to old, age-worn walls. Old walls tend to have a greyish tinge that makes everything in the room look dull. Make rooms seem a lot livelier by applying a fresh coat of paint. However, don’t go overboard on the “lively” part: avoid unusually bright colors like neon orange or fire engine reds. These may seem like interesting modifications to a room, but they can also turn off a lot of buyers. Stick to neutral colors that promote calmness and relaxation such as cool greys, beige, or even pastel co lours.

Brighten up rooms by letting in more light: A bright room can seem truly relaxing, while dark rooms can feel stifling. Make sure that you keep your windows open to the outside by using light or sheer fabrics such as lace that allow light to pass through. These can provide privacy without compromising the look of your house. If you have installed heavier drapery over your windows, at least tie them back whenever you are entertaining potential home buyers.

Create a good atmosphere by ensuring your house smells nice. You may have cleaned, De-cluttered or renovated your home to perfection, but if it comes with the smell of an old or unkempt house, then your buyers will give a lower rating than you would expect. Create good impressions regarding your house’s property values by making it smell really nice and you can be sure to find buyers who are more than eager to move in.